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About the Firm
What makes our file handling truly exceptional is our ability to work mutually as a team.  When your file is assigned to our office, it will be assessed by two experienced attorney, not an inexpert associate nor will it be passed from attorney to attorney for appearances.  We complete the preliminary discovery and review the file collectively with claims to make an early decision on the most proficient way to advance with the case. 

In establishing this determination early, we are able to progress our cases to resolution promptly.  When a case is on track for litigation, it is necessary that it is worked till the end, setting up the necessary discovery for trial.  If the case is set on the settlement track, it requires progress to get the essential medical evidence for settlement.

Base on our experience, we have a fairly accurate idea of the time time-span of a case.  Of course, these are merely estimated time frames, but it allows the insured and claims a rough idea of what may be expected.  This assists with reserves, budgets and expectations.

We have found that by making these early determinations, it places our files in a better position for an accomplished settlement.